These images were created using Poser and Moray, then rendered in the Persistence of Vision Raytracer. The works of Gilles Tran and Jaime Vives Piqueres are impressive examples of what can be accomplished with these tools.

2453388An angel, inspired by the January 2005 frontspiece of Akemi Takada's website.

2453147Valles Marinaras on Mars, visualised here flooded with water.

2453047Dragon flying into the sunset. Entry for the IRTC 'Mythology' round.

2453030Nadia Quidam.

2452923An inquisitive horse encounters a dryad in a snowy forest.

2452890Girl suspended in a fluid-filled chamber.

2452656POV 3.5 added the feature photon mapping.

2452106View from inside a fluid-filled chamber.

2451914The glow around the spheres was caused by a bug in the radiosity feature of POV 3.1g.

2451724Logo of the Oceanic Research Centre of Australia (ORCA) from the television series Ocean Girl.