Argonian Saxhleel, or 'People of the Root', are the reptilian natives of Black Marsh with strong ties to the Hist trees.
Bird Men A lost race of beastfolk recorded by the Aldmer explorer Topal the Pilot as having gloriously-coloured plumage and taloned feet. Likely destroyed by ancient Khajiit. (This race is presumed extinct.)
Centaur Beings with the body of a human above the waist and below a horse from the shoulders down. These natives of Valenwood and High Rock are skilled herbalists and archers.
Deer‑faun Slender bipedal humanoids with deerlike legs and ears, and antlers on both sexes. They are short-lived, physically maturing at a rate twice their chronological age, and have a reputation for their exhuberant innocence and openness regarding physical intimacy. (Note: this race is an unofficial, homebrew addition to the world.)
Dreugh A species of aquatic, octopus-like beings that can be found in coastal areas of Tamriel, commonly hunted for their hide and wax from their shells. Rumoured to have castles of glass and coral deep in the sea.
Giant A race of enormous humanoids with colossal strength, found in the wilderness of Skyrim, High Rock, Hammerfell, Cyrodiil, and Valenwood.
Hagraven Also known as harpies, these are female creatures with birdlike features and a formidable spellcasting ability.
Imga Intelligent Great Apes who live in the Valenwood forests, often coming into contact with the Bosmer.
Kamal Snow demons that live in Akavir. They spend the winter frozen.
Ka'Po'Tun Tiger-folk native to Akavir, possibly related to the Khajiit. They consider the Tsaesci to be their greatest enemies, and have recently allied themselves with the Tang Mo. Their leader is Tosh Raka, purported to have suceeded at becoming a dragon with tiger-like colouring.
Khajiit A catlike people from Elsweyr, known for high intelligence and agility. They are a frequent target of discrimination, especially in the cities of Skyrim, where they are not permitted entrance. Their pantheon encompasses Ahnurr, Alkosh, Azurah, Baan Dar, Dibella, Fadomai, Hermorah, Hircine, Ius, Ja-Kha'jay, Khenarthi, Lorkhaj, Mafala, Magrus, Mara, Masser, Merrunz, Namiira, Rajhin, Riddle'tha, Sangiin, Secunda, Sheggorath, S'rendarr, and Y'ffer.
Lamia Amphibious creatures with the torso of a woman and the tail of a snake.
Lilmothiit Fox-folk, likely related to the Khajiit, native to Black Marsh. Eradicated by the Knahaten Flu in the middle of the Second Era. (This race is presumed extinct.)
Minotaur Large humanoids with the head of an aurochs, usually chaotic neutral or evil. Emperor Belharza, the first minotaur, was the offspring of the demigod Morihaus-Breath-of-Kyne and Saint Alessia.
Sload A race of large, sluglike creatures living in the Coral Kingdom of Thras, southwest of Tamriel. Adept necromancers.
Tang Mo Monkey folk native to Akavir that are generous and kind.
Tsaesci Vampiric nagas native to Akavir. Possibly shapeshifters. Surviving Tsaesci in Cyrodiil following a failed invasion in 1E 2703 served as mercenaries and personal guards of nobles, leaving many influences on Imperial institutions and culture: the doctrines and equipment of the Imperial Legion, creation of the Blades and Fighters Guild, a reverence among the Imperial aristocracy for all things Akaviri, and the adoption of the dragon as a symbol of the Empire.
Wolfir Large wolf-folk that are generally identical to the half-beast form of individuals cursed to be werewolves. Unlike werewolves, Wolfir are unable to change form. (Note: this race is an unofficial, homebrew addition to the world.)

Note: Elven races are able to live upwards of three hundred years, commonly maturing at the same rate as humans until they reach puberty, at which point their aging process slows dramatically, with adulthood generally being reached at around one hundred years of age.
Aldmer 'First Folk', progenitors of all elf lineages, purportedly from a legendary continent named Aldmeris. (This race is presumed extinct.)
Altmer 'Cultured Folk' or 'High Elves', a golden-skinned race hailing from the Summerset Isles. Though they are resented by the other races and seen as snobbish, the common tongue of Tamriel is based on their speech and writing, and they are exceptionally skilled in magic use. They see the physical realm of Mundus as a betrayal usurping their proper existence in aetherius. Their pantheon consists of Anui-El, Auri-El, Jephre, Lorkhan, Magnus, Mara, Phynaster, Stendarr, Syrabane, Trinimac, Xarxes, and Xen.
Ayleid 'Wild Folk', elves that commanded a vast empire in Cyrodiil. Their predominantly-underground ruins marked at the surface by white stone spires and arches are common. (This race is presumed extinct.)
Bosmer 'Tree-sap Folk', known as 'Wood Elves', are olive-skinned elves from Valenwood who reject the stiff formalities of Aldmeri culture and live in harmony with the land and its creatures. They are skilled archers, and have the ability to command some beasts and blend, chameleon-like, in forested areas. Some follow the tenets of the Green Pact, which forbids harming the forests of Valenwood, eating anything made from plant life, killing wastefully, or taking on the shape of beasts. Further, the Pact requires its adherants to eat only meat, and to eat the remains of defeated enemies rather than leaving them to rot. Their pantheon is Arkay, Auri-El, Baan Dar, Herma-Mora, Ius, Jode, Jone, Lorkhan, Mara, Stendarr, Xarxes, Y'ffre, and Z'en.
Chimer 'Changed Folk', elves with golden skin, forebears of the Dunmer of Morrowind. (This race is presumed extinct.)
Dunmer 'Dark Folk' have ash-grey skin and typically red eyes. Their appearance is a curse from Azura after the events of the Battle of Red Mountain around 1E 700. Morrowind is their homeland, but its devastation in 4E 5 due to the violent eruption of the Red Mountain drove many to seek refuge elsewhere in Tamriel. They follow Azura, Boethiah, Lorkhan, Malacath, Mehrunes Dagon, Mephala, and Sheogorath.
Dwemer 'Deep Folk', referred to as dwarves (a name given by the giants–they were in fact the same size as other elves), a group of elves primarily from Morrowind that lived in complex underground cities. Their endeavours focused on science, engineering, and the arcane. They disappeared en masse around 1E 700 after attempting to manipulate the Heart of Lorkhan at the end of the Battle of Red Mountain. Their sprawling subterranean ruins are identifiable by blocky stone structures with gleaming metal roofs. (This race is presumed extinct.)
Falmer 'Snow Folk', the original elven inhabitants of Skyrim, forced to eat toxic fungi and mutated into sightless slaves by the Dwemer after seeking refuge from encroaching Nords. Their pantheon consisted of Auri-El, Jephre, Phynaster, Syabane, and Trinimac. After the Dwemer vanished, they reverted to a feral group that harbours great hatred for the surface world and its inhabitants.
Maormer 'Sea Folk', a mysterious race that lives on the tropical continent of Pyandonea, far to the south of Tamriel. They have blank white eyes and pallid skin with a chameleon-like property similar to the Bosmers'. They practise a powerful form of snake magic and weather control.
Orsimer 'Pariah Folk', commonly known as 'Orcs', hail from Orsinium in the Wrothgar Mountains of High Rock and are renowned as much for their craftmanship of armour and weapons as for their berserker rage. They were supposedly created when the Daedric Prince Boethiah devoured the Aldmeri god Trinimac and expelled him as Malacath, transforming Trinimac's worshippers into orcs.
Sinistral Mer A race of left-handed elves from Yokuda defeated by the Redguard nation. (This race is presumed extinct.)

Dryad Feminine spirits inhabiting trees throughout Tamriel.
Nereid An elfin race of feminine water creatures that can often be heard singing and are adept at hydromancy.
Pixie A diminuitive race of insect-winged humanoids, also known as Whilloki and Sprites.
Spriggan Animated treelike females that ferociously protect sacred groves.

Akaviri A race of humans originally from Akavir, purportedly destroyed long ago by the Tsaesci. (This race is presumed extinct.)
Atmoran A race of tall, fair-haired and fair-skinned humans originating from the continent of Atmora far to the north of Tamriel. Nords are their direct progeny, and it is supposed that various groups from Atmora migrating to Tamriel are the forebears of most of the other human races.
Breton Human descendents of Aldmeri-Nedic interbreeding, these half-elves control the fiefdoms of High Rock. Many are capable mages with resistance to magicka. They worship Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Julianos, Kynareth, Magnus, Mara, Phynaster, Sheor, Stendarr, Y'ffre, and Zenithar.
Imperial The natives of Cyrodiil are known as shrewd diplomats and traders, and for their respect of the rule of law. Their pantheon contains Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Julianos, Kynareth, Maloch, Mara, Morihaus, Reman, Shezarr, Stendarr, Talos, and Zenithar.
Keptu An ancient human race native to central Hammerfell. (This race is presumed extinct.)
Kothringi 'Lustrous Folk', a silver-skinned tribal group of humans indigenous to Black Marsh, eradicated by the Knahaten Flu in the middle of the Second Era. (This race is presumed extinct.)
Nede A group of humans flourishing in the Alik'r Desert in Hammerfell during the Merethic and First Eras, exterminated by the Redguard horde. (The term 'Nede' is also a general catch-all for disparate groups of humans that migrated from Atmora in waves over time.) (This race is presumed extinct.)
Nord Tall, fair-haired and fair-skinned humans from Skyrim known for their resistance to mundane and magical cold. They are enthusiastic warriors and adept sailors. Their pantheon consists of Alduin, Dibella, Herma-Mora, Jhunal, Kyne, Magnar, Mara, Mauloch, Orkey, Shor, Stuhn, Tsun, and Ysmir.
Orma A group of humans native to Black Marsh born without eyes but being masters of their other senses. Died out for unknown reasons. (This race is presumed extinct.)
Reachmen Also known as 'Forsworn', the natives of western Skyrim are a tribal group of primarily Breton descent that eschews the trappings of civilisation, wearing little but scraps of fur and bone and inhabiting makeshift fortresses in caves and ruins. They are granted knowledge of nature magic from hagravens, whom their shamans venerate.
Redguard The most naturally-talented wariors in Tamriel, the dark-skinned, wiry-haired people of Hammerfell trace their origins back to the continent of Yokuda.