❧ The People of the Wayfarers' D&D Game ☙

Family trees.
📑 Title/Nickname Name Surname Race Subrace Sex Rules Mercy Born
Class Met

[portrait] Firaliin Carson Played by Mindy Gatlin, Firaliin was born on the 28th of Rain's Hand, 4E 276, and was orphaned at an early age. She was raised by a pack of wolves in the forests near Ivarstead, and has almost no memories of her biological parents.

When she was eight, she watched the Temple of Mara in Ivarstead for two days from a nearby tree until she was brave enough to approach Sister Clara as she fed chickens. The Temple had fifteen clergy, five of whom oversaw the orphanage. The matron was Mother Beatty, and the four Sisters were Vicki, Clara, Rose, and Elle. During Firaliin's stay at the orphanage, twenty-three other children stayed there, but only seven stayed long enough for her to remember: Sara, Kelly, Lora, Polly, Heath, Ricky, and George.

After she was driven out of the orphanage, she snuck back in to say goodbye to Sister Clara and was given a battered set of light Imperial armour from the Temple's lost and found, which Firaliin fashioned into a sturdy skirt.

She began having dreams about fragments of her past while travelling Skyrim with the Wayfarers, and was reunited with Lora while in Balmoral. On the 16th of Rain's Hand, 4E 303, she was submerged in lifewater, rejuvenating her body to an apparent age of twenty-two.

Firaliin Carson Shapeshifter 😇 4E 276 22 Druid
4E 301-05-21

[portrait] Thesa Leafwalker Played by Tim Cook, Thesa Leafwalker (Mora'lhaj), was born on the 13th of Second Seed, 4E 231 under the sign of the Shadow to Russakynd ('Red Child') and Parvolen ('Fist-hammer'). An only child, she enjoyed exploring and finding secret places to hide since her youngest days.

At eight she witnessed a lone feral vampire feed on a newlywed couple living in a secluded glen, but wasn't believed by most because the couple, when questioned, denied anything amiss. Later that year, Thesa was saved by a scout after being ambushed by a ghoul while returning to report finding the couple dead. The scout summoned a triat of militia who hunted the ghoul, then had Thesa show them the couple's residence. They had been turned to zombies, however, and the triat destroyed them. Thesa's hatred of undead was further cemented when she discovered a zombie frostbite spider nest growing on a polluted lifewell; the nest was burned by the militia and the well sealed.

She joined the militia in 4E 291 as a scout and began a ten-year period of training. In 4E 299 she was devastated by her failure both to report a zombie attack on a farmstead quickly enough to save its inhabitants or determine the location of the necromancer that raised them. Beset by lost confidecnce, her performance faltered, and at the start of 4E 301 she was sent into the greater world to gain experience and prove her worth prior to final induction. Shortly after her 70th birthday, she reached the city of Riften.

On the 8th of Hearthfire, 4E 301, a djinn exchanged a large amount of Thesa's funds for the ability to unerringly hit any target with her bow. Akatosh, on the 18th of Hearthfire, 4E 301, bestowed draconic abilities of fire breath and resistance upon Thesa, and on the 21st of hearthfire, 4E 301, granted her the ability to wield the magical powers of any bow she had held. Thesa's body was destroyed by Shiera's use of a Reality Stone on the 24th of Hearthfire, 4E 301, and her spirit spent the equivalent of a thousand years drifting in the middle region of Aetherius. She was resurrected by Firaliin a few minutes later and given the mark of a sun on the outer side of her right breast. On the 14th of Rain's Hand, 4E 303, Akatosh embedded a small peridot gem on her sternum that grants the ability to immediately rejoin the party. On the 16th of Rain's Hand, 4E 303, she was submerged in lifewater, rejuvenating her body to an apparent age of fourteen.

Thesa Leafwalker Elf Bosmer 😇 4E 231 14 Ranger
4E 301-05-21

[portrait] Shiera Moonglade Played by Sierra Swenka, my name is Shiera, and I was born on the 9th of Sun's Dawn, 4E 176 in the city of Elderlan in Atmora. My family name is Moonglade, and is represented by the colors green and silver. We follow Frigg–the goddess of marriage and fertility. She is known in Tamriel as Mara. Our symbol is the Tree of Life with a silver crescent moon on either side.

My father, King Thaddecus Moonglade, had twin mithril scimitars called 'the Crescents of the Moon', a family heirloom that bonds to its weilder at their coronation and is enchanted to damage opponents with magical radiance and cold (3d6 slashing + 3d6 radiant + 3d6 cold).

When I was young, we had some underground caves and tunnels that my siblings and our friends played in. According to our history lessons, they were made and used by our people to protect themselves from the civil war that was happening in our country.

Oriwynn, my family's druid, told me that my ancestors made sure that our allies also had access to these caves and tunnels. She also told me that her fellow druid put a special spell over them, so that those that would seek to do us harm would not find the entrance. There was also an awesome old tree I liked to go to when I had a lot on my mind or my siblings were really getting on my nerves. I really miss that Old Tree, who helped me with a lot of issues that came up when I was young, and I wish I could talk to her now, so I started to journal about my feelings and thoughts.

My family lived in the Eldeen forest of Atmora. I loved it there for the first thirteen years of my life until I was forced to go on the run with Oriwynn. Someday, I will go back and see what happened to my family.

I had an older brother, Altin (35), and a much younger sister, Fate (9). I found out that Fate was gravely wounded in the attack, and I'm not sure if she lived or died with the rest of my immediate family. I am hoping with all my heart that some of my family is still alive. If they are, then they believe me lost to the sea or amongst the continent of Tamriel.

Oriwynn was with me when it all started. My sister was a few yards away but we couldn't get to her to bring her along with us. We were able to be smuggled out with the help of the Nightwings, but later we found out that they helped my family to be attacked at the same time they said they were there to help us. Well, what do you expect from those that serve Loki, after all? My family had two main allies: the Liondales, and the Goldenleafs. Our strongest ally is the Liondales, represented by the colors red and gold, who have their kingdom in the North Pass in Atmora. They follow Freya, the goddess of love and lust, beauty, and war, who is known as Dibella in Tamriel. Their symbol is a gold lion between two red hills.

When I was born, my father and mother, Thaddecus and Elsa, made a deal with the Liondale King and Queen, Odith and Nalmerry, to betroth me to their youngest son, Tolca. I am hoping that he still holds some hope that I am alive somewhere. If Tolca does, then he will have gone to my uncle's brother-in-law to get aid in searching for me, because he is the best tracker that I have ever known and his family, the Goldenleafs, are allies, and I believe that they would search for me in Skyrim because that is near where my last known location.

One of my family's main enemies are the Wintermoons, represented by the colors blood red and black. In public, they follow Skadi–the goddess of skiing, winter, and bowhunting–but secretly follow Surtur, giant of fire and the underworld. Their symbol is a blood-red downward-opening crescent moon above a black, leafless tree. They have their kingdom in a land called Droam in Atmora. They were originally amicable with my family, but then they became enraged when their offer of marriage between their second-oldest son, Tari, and myself was turned down in favor of the Liondales. They took their time in organizing an army of orcs and goblins, which burned my family's kingdom and slaughtered nearly all my family and my people.

The Nightwing family, represented by the colors dark grey and azure, are a scheming, shrewd lot. They follow Loki–the god of mischief, known as Lorkhan in Tamriel–and harbour no loyalty to anyone. Their symbol is a triangle of azure stars between a pair of upraised grey wings. They live in the Talenta Plains of Atmora. They look for any way to work all sides of a conflict and theu will only help if they see an advantage that will help them.

We found out that they helped to provide support to the attack on my kingdom at the same time they helped us by directing Oriwynn and myself to the safest escape route.

The Silverhand clan is a bitter enemy of the Liondales, and–by association–the Moonglades. They are represented by the colors silver and black. They follow Mimir, the god of knowledge and wisdom. Their symbol is an open eye on the palm of a silver, upraised right hand. They are strong magic-users, and their aggression towards the Liondales prevented aid from to coming to my kingdom when we were attacked by the orcs and goblins.

The Silverhand's land is called Duchy of Valenar, and the main reason that they hate the Liondales is because every time they have to go Tronjheim to get special supplies, or the people Tronjheim want to go by land to other places inland, they have to pass through Liondale land to get to their destination because they can't always go by boat.

Oriwynn didn't trust the Nightwings, so once we landed in Tamriel we moved into Skyrim so they wouldn't know where we were or in what country. The first two years we went from country to country until we settled in Sungard for a few years. We kept moving every so often, so that no one could find us very easily.

We initially landed in High Rock town called North Point, but the first town we settled for any length of time was Sungard in Skyrim.

During our journeys, we visited the following places in High Rock: Normar Heights, While Haven, the Crypt of Hearts, Llessan Hills, Wind Keep, Cloud Spring, and Moonguard. In Hammerfell, we passed through Heldom Mount, Skaven, Thorstad, Chesetown, Kamyer Falls, Stonemoor, and Nimbel. In Cyrodiil, there were Applewatch, Bruma, Weve, Hackdirt, Faregyl, Alabaster, Blankenmarch, Darklowe, and Harlun'ss Watch. In the places where the Aldmeri Dominion was involved in their war, the people sometimes made things difficult for us, but as we went further south, it was the dreadful heat that was our worst enemy!

Because we're elves, we were allowed to visit their homelands; in Valenwood, we went to Thormar Keep, Stone Fall, Meadow Run, Vullen Haven, and Eagle Vale Haven, and on the Summerset Isles, we visited King's Watch, Graddun Spring, Marbrok Brook, Holly Falls, Silver Wood, Old Falls, and West Guard.

We travelled east through the scorching desterts of Elsweyer and saw Seaplace, Tardon Wood, Riverhold, King's Walk, the Hall of the Colossus, Valley Guard, Greenvale, Helmthor Mount, Duncon Walk, Chasegrove, and South Guard.

The Argonian homeland of Black Marsh was a reeking, foetid fen and I could barely stand the choking heat and humidity. We passed through Tenmar Wall, Gianbridge, Chasepoint, Rockspring, Rockpark, Murkwood, Riverbridge, Rockpoint, and Riverwalk. From there we went north into Morrowind, and visited Dagon Fel, Carnaris View, Balfalls, Bodrum, Kragenmoor, Heimlyn Keep, Old Kepp, Kithendis Falls, Dervon's Watch, and Greenheights.

We briefly passed through Skaal in Solstheim, then continued into Skyrim and came to Helarchen Creek, Stonehills, Dragonbridge, Snowhawk, North Hall, Oakwood, Sungard, Laintar Dale, and spent a few nights with an encampment of scholars from the Mages College at the Ruins of Labyrinthian.

While we were on the roads and traveling, Oriwynn taught me a lot about the druids and their culture as well as my own culture. She was not only my savior but she became a mother to me, and she never let me forget my family and hope to one day go back to home land. She showed me how to let go of most of my anger and understand the real enemy and what is needed to be done. Oriwynn was very talented, and she taught how to survive in the woods and almost any other terrain. She taught me that to survive I have to have my own set of rules and an understanding about other cultures. She said it would be a very good thing that I know and understand other Gods and Goddesses and other creatures of the forest, so that I would respect them and understand where everyone is coming from with their opinions.

We did this together until, one day, Oriwynn was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She left me at a market stall to wait for an order to be finished while she went to go pick up something else that we'd ordered, and was close to being done.

I heard screams, and people were running away from the direction in which Oriwynn had gone, so I ran toward the screams and came upon Oriwynn lying in the street. The guards were there holding two men apart on the opposite sides of her body. I asked what happened, and they said that she was trying to stop a fight between the men but they were too far into the fight to really see or hear her. Because of that, she was stabbed in the gut and bled out. I asked what they were fighting over, and after they told their stories, I just kind of yelled at the top of my lungs, and shouted, "My mom was killed because the same woman was spending time with both of you, and you couldn't handle the competition? Wow, you are not true men at all."

I buried her in true druid fashion in the woods, in the middle of a stand of really old trees that she will help nourish and rejoin the circle of life–the way she would have wanted. I was 95 years old, and I have been on my own since then and am still moving from place to place, just as she taught me. I miss her every day, but I am practicing what she taught me and following my own rules as long as I am doing the right thing.

It's been thirty years since Oriwynn died, and I am tired of being alone and not having any connection to my family and my past. Riften is just down the road…

Princess Shiera Moonglade Elf
😇 4E 176 21 RangerDruid
4E 301-05-21

[portrait] Tinkerbell Tinkerbell is Shiera's pixie companion. On the 16th of Rain's Hand, 4E 303, she was submerged in lifewater, rejuvenating her body to an apparent age of thirteen.

Tinkerbell Pixie 😇 13 RogueSorcerer
4E 301-05-21

[portrait] Stolovold Ünveldt Played by Jakeb Swenka, Stolovold was born on the 4th of Sun's Dawn, 4E 271 to Jonathan and Isabel in a hidden tower near Fort Amol in Skyrim. He wants to create an 'ideal' zombie that retains life skills. On the 16th of Rain's Hand, 4E 303, he was submerged in lifewater, rejuvenating his body to an apparent age of twenty-six.

Stolovold Ünveldt Human Nord 🤔 4E 271 26 Wizard
4E 301-05-21

Vladimir is a thousand-year-old warforged, discovered by the Wayfarers in an abandoned alchemist's manor near Riften. Temporarily installed on the Starstreak as an autopilot, placed in the Windhelm Museum of Antiquities & Curiosities as a living exhibit when Knaz joined the crew.

Vladimir Construct Warforged 2E 
4E 301-05-21

Niles is a somewhat cowardly civilian hired by the Wayfarers in Riften to assist in killing goblins.

Niles Sadler Human Nord 4E 275 26 4E 301-05-23

A bard from the faewild met by the party during their initial assault of the Thieves Guild in Riften.

Fae Bard
4E 301-05-28

Azura is the Daedric Prince of Liminality, whose spheres are dusk, dawn, and transition. Her plane of Oblivion is Moonshadow.

Prince Azura Daedra Daedric Prince
Daedric Prince
4E 301-05-31

Kamile Black-Briar is the Jarl of the Rift hold, with ties to the Thieves' Guild.

Jarl Kamile Black-Briar Human Nord 4E 254 47 🤴 4E 301-05-27

[portrait] Tazamé Akara's nemesis and twin brother, Tazamé (TAZAM9) is the son of the Daedric Prince Meridia and chromatic dragon Tiamat. First encounted by the party as a dracolich embedded in a cave wall near Kynesgrove, later restored and given control of the East Empire Company.

Tazamé Dragon 2E 344 4E 301-06-15

Dro'vess a world-wise Khajiit trader encountered by the Wayfarers outside Windhelm.

Dro'vess Khajiit 4E 301-07-02

Knaz is the former curator of Windhelm Museum of Antiquities & Curiosities, made chief engineer and science officer of the Starstreak. Estranged husband of Gudne, an arcane blacksmith in Solitude.

Knaz Leddir Gnome 📖 🤔 63 Artificer
4E 301-07-03

[portrait] Wisteria Wisteria is a young dryad from Whiterun hold formed into a living staff, purchased by Firaliin from the Windhelm Museum of Antiquities & Curiosities.

Wisteria Dryad 16 4E 301-07-03

Benedict Carver is the vampiric captain of a ship out of Windhelm who subsists entirely on the blood of fish and other sea creatures.

Captain Benedict Carver Human Redguard 55 4E 301-07-05

Zarastra was a dragon worshipped in the village of Hsaarik Head. She asked the Wayfarers to end her life, as she was too weak and elderly to be able to maintain protection of the village. The Wayfarers brought her egg to the village to ensure continuation of her legacy.

Zarastra Dragon 4E 301-08-27

A figure shrouded in mystery who sold poweful abilities to the Wayfarers, then was revealed to be an associate of the High King at the Riglametha festival in Solitude.

Djinn 4E 301-09-08

A member of the Vigilants of Stendarr, appointed as liason to Dawnstar.

Niros Markov Human Nord 4E 301-09-10

Olga, a large, muscular woman, is the former owner of the Quicksilver Bar in Dawnstar, now employed by the Wayfarers as bartender for the Starstreak. Expert at brewing beverages. Wife of Ernest. Escaped with Ernest from Stonehelm, cursed to absorb his vitality until the Wayfarers destroyed the lich controlling the village in Hearthfire of 4E 301.

Olga Joergsen‑Sparrich Human Nord Artificer
4E 301-09-13

Ernest escaped with Olga from Stonehelm as a youth, cursed to siphon his vitality into Olga until the Wayfarers destroyed the lich controlling the village in Hearthfire of 4E 301. Now employed by the Wayfarers as staff for the Starstreak's mess. Husband of Olga.

Ernest Sparrich Human Nord 4E 301-09-13

Anselm Till is the Jarl of the Pale hold.

Jarl Anselm Till Human Nord 🤴 4E 301-09-13

[portrait] Akara Ember Played by Kaitlyn McAtee, Akara (1K1RA) is the draconic daughter of the chromatic dragon Tiamat and the Daedric Prince Meridia. She was born in a small village in Atmora on the 13th of Frostfall, 2E 344 under the sign of the Tower. Her twin brother is Tazamé.

Akara destroyed her village in 2E 352 and exiled herself to wander the skies in shame. Driven by a strong urge to help innocents and children as a cleric, she saved the life of Fauna, the firstborn daughter of High King Istlod of Skyrim in 4E 184 and was made a Thane of Haafingar. Five years later, she commanded Solitude's forces as a general, directing their efforts to conquer Skyrim and annex Atmora. In 4E 230, she battles Tazamé, now a lich, at Whiterun, and in 4E 241 slays the Dovahkiin who defeated Alduin. eventually discovering the skyship Starstreak in Dawnstar on the 14th of Hearthfire, 4E 301, bonding with the vessel and joining the Wayfarers. On the 16th of Rain's Hand, 4E 303, she was submerged in lifewater, rejuvenating her body to an apparent age of twenty-four.

Thane Akara Ember Dragon 🤔 2E 344 24 Cleric
4E 301-09-14

Marietta is a solemn member of the Dark Brotherhood, liason to Shiera after the Grey Fox was slain.

Marietta Kostra Human Nord 4E 290 11 Rogue
4E 301-09-14

Rolf, a refugee from Atmora, is a follower of Arthur Moonglade. He has a brand of the Moonglade family crest on his arm.

the Mad Rolf Human Nord 😈 4E 301-09-15

Ardnot is the High King of Skyrim and Jarl of Hjaalmarch since 4E 237 after the titles were passed to him on the death of his brother Cornelius.

High King Ardnot Civette Human Imperial 📖 🤔 4E 218 58 🤴 4E 301-09-15

Sir Hubacher is the Captain of the Guard of Solitude.

Sir Elias Hubacher Human Nord 📖 😇 4E 263 38 Paladin
4E 301-09-15

Gudne is an arcane blacksmith in Solitude. She is Knaz' estranged wife.

Gudne Kurbitz-Leddir Gnome 57 Artificer
4E 301-09-15

Arthur Moonglade, Shiera's uncle, sought assistance from the Karlsen clan to save Fate's life, then sought aid from Daedra, necromancers, and vampires in a desperate effort to restore the Moonglade kingdom. He went by pseudonym Ebeneezer McPigeon and was slain by Shiera on the 15th of Hearthfire, 4E 301 under false pretenses, fulfulling a contract with the Dark Brotherhood taken by Lorac Brenner.

Duke Arthur Moonglade Elf Bosmer 3E 423 🤴 4E 301-09-15

Petret is Queen of Skyrim, the wife of Ardnot Civette and a native of Stros M'kai.

Queen Petret Abel-Civette Human Redguard 4E 250 51 🤴 4E 301-09-16

Born in High Rock, Lorac was a charismatic prodigy whose family was slain by a cult of Daedra worshippers, then he was brutally tormented at the boarding school he later went to whose staff were secretly Daedra worshippers. His bitterness and hatred of Daedra led him to uncover unholy powers that transformed him into a lich. He seeks to rule Tamriel, and attempted to manipulate the Daedric Princes Boethiah, Mehrunes Dagon, and Molag Bal to further his own ends and was instrumental in enabling the Daedric invasion of Tamriel while operating as the bishop of the Temple of the Divines.

Lorac Brenner Half-elf Breton 😈 3E 138 45 Sorcerer
4E 301-09-16

[portrait] Jenna Free-Winter The daughter of Jarl Vidik Free-Winter, Jenna has a strong sense of duty and empathy for others. She is greatly loved by the people of Eastmarch, with a repuation as a free-spirited individual who flouts convention. Having secretly received training from the Captain of the Guard of Windhelm from an early age, she is skilled in combat and disguised herself to fight in Windhelm's arena at the age of fifteen, attaining a high rank. When she was seven, her father and the High King of Skyrim arranged a marriage between her and Prince Theobold Civette for her eighteenth birthday to solidify relations between the two holds. During one of Theobold's visits to Windhelm, his servant Sarah Lind fell in love with Jenna, and later recognised her at the arena and leveraged the knowledge to initiate an intimate relationship with Jenna.

After Sarah attempted to assassinate Theobold and slew a stand-in, Jenna claimed guilt both for that and the murder the previous night of Arthur Moonglade, and was reluctantly arrested and escorted to Castle Dour in Solitude during the height of the Riglametha festival. The Wayfarers established her innocence and heroism during the initial Daedric invasion, and agreed to escort her back to Windhelm. While she and the Wayfarers were trapped in Balmoral, Jenna's servant Anna returned to Windhelm and supposed Jenna dead, leading to severe deterioration in relations between Haafingar and Eastmarch. When Jenna returned to Windhelm in 4E 303, her ability at combat was revealed and tested, followed by a grand celebration.

Lady Jenna Free-Winter Human Nord 📖 😇 4E 285 16 🤴 4E 301-09-16

[portrait] Florentina 'Tee' Anteus Florentina is an adventurer from the Imperial City who is proficient at using whips as both weapons and tools. She is greedy and a strong drinker, and despises her name, becoming enraged at any who use it.

'Tee' Florentina Anteus Human Imperial 🤔 4E 274 27 Rogue
4E 301-09-17

Donato is a noble from the Gold Coast region of Cyrodiil who seeks adventure to relieve the boredom of his life. He is a roguish cavalier with thinning hair and an extravagant moustache, favouring daggers as his weapon of choice. He has a mirthful sense of humour and is a devout gambler, favouring cards.

Baron Donato Gemaoilia Half-elf Breton 😇 4E 266 35 Fighter
4E 301-09-17

Jo'sara is the arcane blacksmith Gudne's Khajiit assistant.

Jo'saara Khajiit Artificer
4E 301-09-17

Hyrié is a Daedric succubus who was used as a communication conduit between Lorac Brenner and the Daedric Princes Boethiah, Mhehrunes Dagon, and Molag Bal. Contained in a summoning circle in a hidden back room of the Temple of Divines in Solitude, she was physically tortured by Lorac for his amusement and mechanism to release his hatred of the Daedra. On the 18th of Hearthfire, 4E 301, Akara disrupted the circle containing her and Stolovold slew her, animating her as a zombie under his control to confront the bishop. She was able to exert her own will enough to attempt to tear out Brenner's heart, only to discover it missing. She then briefly became a mouthpiece for the threee Daedric Princes, and her essence was returned to the Oblivion plane of Coldharbour when Akatosh banished the invading Daedra and their followers.

Hyrié Daedra Succubus 🤔 16 4E 301-09-18

Boethiah is the Daedric Prince of Plots, whose spheres are deceit, conspiracy, treachery, and sedition. Her plane of Oblivion is Attribution's Share.

Prince Boethiah Daedra Daedric Prince
Daedric Prince
4E 301-09-18

Mehrunes Dagon is the Daedric Prince of Change, whose spheres are destruction, change, revolution, energy, and ambition. His plane of Oblivion is the Deadlands.

Prince Mehrunes Dagon Daedra Daedric Prince
Daedric Prince
4E 301-09-18

Molag Bal is the Daedric Prince of Corruption, whose spheres are schemes, domination, vampirism, corruption, and slavery. His plane of Oblivion is Coldharbor.

Prince Molag Bal Daedra Daedric Prince
Daedric Prince
4E 301-09-18

Akatosh, also known as Auri-El is the Dragon God of Time, the first deity, and creator of all dragons.

Akatosh Et'Ada 📖 🤔 4E 301-09-18

[portrait] Angelina Originally created as a gargoyle to serve as protector of Solitude, imbued with life and forbidden from killing, Angelina awoke from a dormant state to help defeat the initial incursion of Daedra in Solitude and joined the Wayfarers. After the group acquired a potion to enable Angelina to not have to turn to stone during the day, she transformed into an angel and currently serves as the Starstreak's healer. She is innocent and gentle, yet stoic, and hates corruption.

Angelina Construct Angel 📖 😇 3E 139 19 PaladinCleric
4E 301-09-18

Willach is the court mage of Solitude.

Willach Palen Half-elf Breton 52 Sorcerer
4E 301-09-18

[portrait] Elsa Annié Elsa is the young proprieter of a café in Solitude. She was Firaliin's date to the Equinox Ball.

Elsa Annié Elf Dunmer 4E 179 23 4E 301-09-19

Linwae is the haughty proprieter of Raidiant Raiment in Solitude.

Linwae Elsinael Elf Altmer 4E 
53 Artificer
4E 301-09-19

Akara became attached to this young girl at the Solitude Equinox Ball in 4E 301 and accepted guardianship of her from the nobleman who had adopted her.

4E 301-09-21

Viscount Aelsinius is a flamboyant skinchanger sorcerer who transfers their soul to other bodies like wearing different outfits.

Viscount Ayren Aelsinius Elf Altmer 🤔 Wizard
4E 301-09-21

The fourth son of Ardnot Civette, Theobold is quiet and studious and uninterested in romance or intimate relationships. Betrothed of Jenna Free-Winter.

Prince Theobold Civette Human Nord 📖 😇 4E 277 24 4E 301-09-21

Sarah Lind was Theobold Civette's servant, in love with Jenna Free-Winter since first seeing her during a visit to Windhelm. She immediately saw through Jenna's disguise at the city arena, and leveraged the knowledge to initiate an intimate relationship. She was used as an easy-to-manipulate pawn to attempt an assassination of Theobold to destabilise the kingdom, and sentenced to serve at the Temple of the Divines with no further contact with Jenna.

Sarah Lind Human Nord 🤔 4E 287 14 4E 301-09-21

Anastassia is a mysterious adolescent girl with glowing skin and amnesia, and an innate ability to sense death. Shiera encountered her at the Solitude Equinox Ball in 4E 301 and decided to foster her.

Anastassia 📖 🤔 14 4E 301-09-21

Gam-Shei is the Argonian court chef of Solitude.

Gam-Shei Nisar Argonian Artificer
4E 301-09-21

[portrait] Alis Windsong Alis is a winsome young bard, descended from Celan Rootweft. The Wayfarers initially encountered her during the Equinox Ball, then fleetingly in other locations until they convinced her to join the group to seek Balmoral. When the Wayfarers escaped the clutches of the mind-altering entity, Alis stayed with them for a time, developing a fondness for Firaliin and doing her best to assuage the druid's emotional turmoil as old memories resurfaced.

Alis Windsong Deer-faun 🤔 4E 291 25 Bard
4E 301-09-21

Smee-Twists-Flax is an Argonian tailor in Solitude.

Smee-Twists-Flax Argonian Artificer
4E 301-09-22

Anna Ossler is the Lady Jenna Free-Winter's stern handmaiden.

Anna Ossler Human Nord 4E 269 32 4E 301-09-22

Elys Aumari is the Jarl of the Reach hold.

Jarl Elys Aumari Human Reachman 4E 268 33 🤴 4E 301-09-24

Sir Hubard is the Captain of the Guard of Markarth.

Sir Alfons Hubard Human Imperial 4E 256 45 Barbarian
4E 301-09-24

Ema is an alchemist in Markarth who became a devout worshipper of Akara and transmuted Shiera's wings into physical appendages.

Ema Mirils Human Reachman 4E 275 26 4E 301-09-26

Angelica Moonglade was the great-great-aunt of Shiera Moonglade, an explorer who met her end in Balmoral, her spirit eventually making contact with Shiera in a dream to lead to her remains for returning to Atmora and proper burial.

Princess Angelica Moonglade Elf Bosmer Ranger
4E 301-09-25

Torvald was the village gravekeeper of Stonehelm and a thrall of the necromancer.

Torvald Human Nord 4E 301-09-26

Rummuck is the miracle man of Stonehelm.

Rummuck Maximus Human Nord Cleric
4E 301-09-26

Played by Kaitlyn McAtee, Sir Reginald is the only remaining member of the former Order of the Flame, in service to Talos. He was betrayed by his mentor who entered the service of a necromancer in the village of Stonehelm. Late in the evening of the 15th of Rain's Hand, 4E 303, he slew a pack of wolves and subdued the leader, taming it. The next day, he was submerged in lifewater, rejuvenating his body to an apparent age of twenty-one and the wolf's apparent age to nine.

Sir, of the Flame Reginald Human Nord 📖 😇 4E 276 21 Paladin
4E 301-09-26

Stjolmir is the village elder of Stonehelm.

Stjolmir Human Nord 4E 301-09-26

Greta is Olga's mother and inkeeper of Stonehelm.

Greta Killan-Joergsen Human Nord 4E 301-09-26

Thuri is Olga's father. He runs Stonehelm's inn with his wife, Greta.

Thuri Joergsen Human Nord 4E 301-09-28

Olik is the village blacksmith of Stonehelm who developed a friendship with Akara on meeting her.

Olik Hargom Human Nord Barbarian
4E 301-09-26

Leroy is a barbarian who aided the party in fighting the necromancer at Stonehelm.

Leroy Jenkins Human Nord Barbarian
4E 301-09-28

Lucias was the leader of the Order of the Flame, who became a thrall to the necromancer of Stonehelm.

Sir, of the Flame Lucias Human Nord Paladin
4E 301-09-28

Bereth was a necromancer who cast a spell over the village of Stonehelm until his defeat by the Wayfarers.

Bereth Half-elf Breton 4E 301-09-28

Tad is a three-hundred foot long Snow Whale child who the Wayfarers encountered near Stonehelm.

Tad Shuranhai Sky-whale Snow Whale 4E 301-09-30

Rio is Tad's brother and a bully.

Rio Shuranhai Sky-whale Snow Whale 4E 301-09-30

Aquina is an elderly matron of the Shuranhai sky-whale family. Learned draconic from Tazamé.

Aquina Shuranhai Sky-whale Snow Whale 4E 301-09-30

Lach is Tad's father.

Lach Shuranhai Sky-whale Snow Whale 4E 301-09-30

Nima is Tad's mother.

Nima Shuranhai Sky-whale Snow Whale 4E 301-09-30

Boomer is an elderly patron of the Shuranhai sky-whale family.

Boomer Shuranhai Sky-whale Snow Whale 4E 301-09-30

Reyna is a pilgrim from an enclave in Hammerfell who was searching for Balmoral with her betrothed, Oman.

Reyna Leodi Half-elf Breton 4E 278 23 4E 301-10-01

Oman, a blacksmith, is a pilgrim from an enclave in Hammerfell who was searching for Balmoral with his betrothed, Reyna.

Oman Tapu Human Redguard 4E 274 27 Artificer
4E 301-10-01

Lora is an orphan who was Firaliin's best friend in Ivarstead as a child. The two were reunited in Balmoral.

Lora Human Nord 4E 301-10-03

The fabled utopia-city of Balmora was discovered to be a living entity contained in the veins of crystal that fed off of the life-energy of its inhabitants, projecting an illusion onto them holding their bodies in a form of stasis as they were slowly digested.

Balmoral Elemental Crystal 4E 301-10-03

[portrait] Ma'Tsani Ma'Tsani the Aetherial was born with glowing markings on her body that were taken as a sign that she was destined for greatness. That her parents were well-off members of society in Senchal combined with her natural connection to aetherius had opened many doors for the girl, and she received the best magical training offered by the most sought-after tutors. The prodigy did more than keep pace with the scholars, though, and her parents arranged for her to be considered for acceptance into the Mages College of Winterhold in Skyrim.

En route to the college, the ship encountered a severe storm and foundered off Dunbarrow. Ma'Tsani and her mother, S'Aravi, were the only survivors, but S'Avari lost her memory.

the Aetherial Ma'Tsani Khajiit 😇 4E296-07-07 8 Sorcerer
4E 302-03-02

Perimi Meadowflower 4E 302-03-02

Razeer is an Argonian member of the Dark Brotherhood who realised his interest in killing after inadvertently slaying a friend. He deliberately killed a bully, and then, when a rival of his family that had Razeer's family house burned, murdered them and tracked the arsonist to Cyrodiil, eliminating them as well. After this, he fled to Skyrim, and ends up in Dunbarrow on a mission, which went awry when, after taking out his target, he discovered his armour that had been used as a decoy had been stolen.

Razeer Argonian 📖 😈 4E 288-12-30 14 4E 302-03-02

Spring Willow is an Argonian merchant who lacks the natural connection most of her kind have with the Hist trees.

Spring Willow Argonian 🤔 4E267-10-07 35 4E 302-03-02

Fauna, the daughter of High King Istlod, whose life was saved by Akara when she was young, became a white mage and extended her life, eventually seeking to study the Falmer and restore their natural abilities. She was slain by Tazamé to antagonise Akara.

Princess Fauna Human Nord 🤴 4E 303-04-13